Johnny Orlando’s exclusive photo diary from ‘Boys of Summer’ tour is the cutest thing you’ll see all day

YouTube sensation, budding pop star and all round teen heartthrob, Johnny Orlando, is back with his fourth column for MP! This week he’s giving us the lowdown about ‘Boys of Summer’ tour…

Hey Maximum Pop! This week I’m going to tell you all about ‘Boys of Summer’, the concert tour I am performing on for the month of July.

On July 4th, my whole family flew from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for our first tour stop. I didn’t really know the performers on the tour before it started, so once we got there I got a chance to meet everyone and hangout with the guys. Luckily, they’re all super nice and we became friends fast. Some of guys are popular on You Now, others became famous on YouTube, Instagram and Vine. Overall, there’s a lot of variety in the talent on the tour, which is awesome. Our first show went really well, and the crowd, the venue and the city were all amazing!

After Fort Lauderdale, we got in the tour bus and drove to Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida. The bus is huge and it has a bunch of bunks you can sleep in during the long drives. I’ve been super tired so I usually sleep on the bus 😀 but when I’m not sleeping I like to make ‘Musical.lys’ with the guys or practice my set. We had a day off after the show in Orlando, so I had a chance to go to Downtown Disney and go shopping. It was so much fun! Once we left Florida (and the super hot weather), we performed in Atlanta, Raleigh, Washington and Philadelphia.

One really fun thing about this tour is the ‘Dance with Johnny’ contest. A couple weeks before I left, I posted a video on YouTube with the choreography to my newest single, “Let Go”. We broke each of the dance steps down so that they were easy to learn, and then invited fans to learn it and film a video of them performing the dance for the contest. For each city I have visited, I’ve chosen two dancers to join me onstage during the chorus of “Let Go”! The dancers I have met so far have been super talented, and I can’t wait to meet the rest of them on my upcoming tour dates.

Thanks for reading! See you guys next week.



Thanks Johnny! Looking forward to seeing you back next Friday for the next installment of your blog series. Tweet us @maximumpop if you loved seeing what Johnny got up to on the ‘Boys of Summer’ tour. 

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