Thursday’s Tumblr of the Day: John Green’s Tumblr

Your (and our) favourite young adult author of “The Fault In Our Stars”, “Paper Town” and other amazing books is on Tumblr. And he’s kinda famous on there too.


Let us take you into JOHN GREEN’S TUMBLR.

If you’re still stuck on ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ or you’re just a newbie in the John Green world we know you’re going to quickly click the Follow button.

But there’s much more to his Tumblr.

Art? He covers it.

Business and all things related? There’s that too.

Sport? Check.

He’s in love with GIFs as much as we are. And you don’t even know how much the MP! Team love GIFs!

You can procrastinate very well reading the asks. He’s such a wise man and you can find some awesome answers.

So, we simply love to procrastinate reading his Tumblr!

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