We have collected all our favourite Joey Graceffa quotes from our interview with him. They’re so inspirational.

After our interview with the lovely Joey Graceffa, we couldn’t help but ponder over the amazing words of wisdom he had to tell us and share with you all. So, we thought we’d share some quotes with you right here. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new favourite inspirational quote.

On his book: 

“This was my first venture into the whole writing-book thing, so it was definitely a fun and interesting experience for sure.”

“It was just a more indepth way of sharing my story.”


On what he wanted to share with his viewers: 

“life isn’t always rainbows and smiles. There are issues that come up and I either want to help people going through some stuff or prepare them for what could come.”

“I just kept thinking about the good that it could do for the world and how much better it would be for me and how freeing it would be for me after.”

” [I want them] To feel inspired, and to know that they’re not alone in the world, and issues do happen and that no matter they’re going to get through it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.”


On his fans: 

“It’s been really awesome just to see everyone’s actual, physical face [on this book tour].”

“It’s tough when you see people typing how much I’ve inspired them, or how much the book has affected them because they’re just words that you see on a screen.”

“To hear [how the book has inspired the fans] in person and to see the emotion behind their face, they really get the point across and I connect on a deeper level with my audience that way.”

joey g x

On coming out in his book: 

“at the time that I was writing I hadn’t been open to the public about being gay so it was tough writing it down knowing it was going to be seen by so many people.”

Joey G edit

On advice for new YouTubers: 

“Keep pushing and keep posting, and do it because you love to do it, not because you think it’s going to get you views.”

Joey Graceffa

We just want to write all these quotes over our bedroom walls for inspiration. Or put them on a Pinterest board where we won’t get told off for “graffiti”.


We love you, Joey!

Pick up Joey’s book from Amazon right now for £3.85.

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