We talk to Joey Graceffa about his new book ‘In Real Life: My Journey To A Pixelated World’

With over 4 million youtube subscribers and 2.2 million Twitter followers, it’s safe to say that Joey Graceffa is one of the internet’s top stars. Despite being so massive and having a what we assume must be a hectic schedule, he some how still managed to find time to write his very first book, ‘In Real Life: My Journey To A Pixelated World’.

Currently on his UK book tour, we got to talk to Joey about all things ‘In Real Life’, and the possibility of another book to follow.

What made you want to step away from youtube videos and do this instead? 

It was just a more indepth way of sharing my story. It’s tough in ten minutes to go that far into my life, so I figured that to help others out there going through similar situations that I went through the best way would be through a book.

Did you have any writing experience before this?

This was my first venture into the whole writing-book thing, so it was definitely a fun and interesting experience for sure.

Obviously, this book talks about a lot of serious issues, like bullying and family problems. Do you think that it’s going to surprise some readers, who are used to your videos, which tend to be a lot lighter and funnier?

I have a few videos here and there which are more serious, but the majority of my videos are, yes, more positive. But I think it’s important to take life seriously sometimes and actually talk about the serious stuff, because that happens in people’s lives and I wanted to really touch on that in my book, and help people going through those struggles because to be honest, life isn’t always rainbows and smiles. There are issues that come up and I either want to help people going through some stuff or prepare them for what could come.

You also talked about your sexuality in this book. Was that hard to talk about it written form?

Yeah, definitely, because at the time that I was writing I hadn’t been open to the public about being gay so it was tough writing it down knowing it was going to be seen by so many people. But, I just kept thinking about the good that it could do for the world and how much better it would be for me and how freeing it would be for me after. 

You started your youtube channel in 2009. Do you have any advice for people who want to start a youtube channel today in 2015?

To not stop. I’ve actually been doing it since 2007 – I had a different channel before my Joey Graceffa channel, and it’s taken me almost 8 years to reach the point that I’m at so I think it’s just to know that it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep pushing and keep posting, and do it because you love to do it, not because you think it’s going to get you views.

How is it meeting your fans on a book tour, rather than over social media?

It’s been amazing. I’ve had a bunch of stops in the US and now in the UK. I’ve just had my first London one today. I have one in Birmingham. I’m super excited, it’s been really awesome just to see everyone’s actual, physical face, because it’s tough when you see people typing how much I’ve inspired them, or how much the book has affected them because they’re just words that you see on a screen. But to hear it in person and to see the emotion behind their face, they really get the point across and I connect on a deeper level with my audience that way.

If there is one thing you want people to take away from this book, what would it be?

To feel inspired, and to know that they’re not alone in the world, and issues do happen and that no matter they’re going to get through it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Do you think that this is just the start for you and books? Do you think you’re going to come out with another book?

Yeah, I’m definitely going to, but it will be a fictional book. I have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone. 

Do you have any favourite books of your own?

I’m obsessed with the book ‘ Ready Player One’ right nowIt’s set in the future where virtual reality has taken over the world and everyone lives their lives in the virtual world, called The Oasis, and this guy who has created The Oasis killed him and leaves his fortune behind for one person to find in a hidden place, where people have to go through mazes and riddles and solve puzzles to get to it. 


Cake or ice cream? 


Tea or coffee?


Summer or winter?


Favourite 1D member?


Favourite song right now?

Hmm…Oh my gosh, what’s my favourite song right now? (laughs) Mine! “Don’t Wait” by Joey Graceffa. 

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Written by Laura Fulton

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