Is a Children of Eden movie on the cards? We got the goss from Joey Graceffa

Yesterday we had the chance to fulfil our ultimate FANGIRL DREAM and sit down with apple of our eye Joey Graceffa to discuss all things YouTube, fame, and the recent release that had us racing to the bookstore, his debut dystopia ‘Children of Eden‘. (Haven’t heard of it? See the low down here)

And, um, we were pretty freakin’ excited.

Did you miss the live stream? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the best bits for you below.

1. Did you know ‘Children of Eden’ isn’t the original title Joey was going for?

IKR, we were shocked too. To find out what we almost could’ve seen on our shelves, make sure to keep scrolling for the link to the whole livestream.

2. We may have got over excited when Joey mentioned a possible ‘Children of Eden’ movie is on the table

Okay okay, so nothing’s confirmed yet but we’re psyched for the possibility. UM, can the cast be an allstar YouTubers team? We’re thinking Zoella would be a hit (even though she’s so not a twin).

Who would you like to see in the role – let us know in the comments below!


Quiz: Who wrote it – Joey Graceffa or Veronica Roth?

3. Not to worry, the leading man has already been cast for the epic “Story of Joey Graceffa” film we’d totes want to see be an actual thing in the future

We’re sure you need no hints to know Joey thinks he’s a shoe-in for the part himself.

4. Umm… sorry, what?! Apparently Joey doesn’t know what a snood is

This was legit our face:

5. And of course, you can’t miss Joey’s political AF chatter about Trump

It seems we’re not the only ones upset by the election’s results


OMG, did you see your faves’ reactions to the US election? Not everyone was happy

You can watch the live stream in full here:

For more Joey, you can find his Snapchat username in our Directory along with thousands of your other top baes.

And don’t miss any of the stops on his ‘Children of Eden’ book tour. Find out where he’s still left to stop over on the MP! Book Events site.

Let us know what your fave Joey moment is in the comments below.

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