ICYMI: The YouTuber siblings ThatcherJoe and Zoella are up to something and we’re losing our minds over what it could be

If you haven’t seen one of Joe Sugg’s most recent vlogs, then you may not know that Joe and his sister Zoe, otherwise known as Zoella (duh!), are working on something together. Of course, in usual YouTuber fashion, it’s all very hush hush, top secret business, which, to be honest, drives us a bit mental and makes us look a little something like this…


But, with more and more YouTubers delving into the book world, as well as bringing out clothing lines, make-up and other various forms of merchandise, it’s got us wondering just what the two Suggs could possibly be up to. And how much we’ll be losing it when they do eventually announce just what it is.

The YouTuber siblings definitely weren’t giving anything away in Joe’s vlog, although he did suggest at the end that we might able to guess if we tried hard enough. Uh, challenge accepted, Joseph.

There wasn’t much Sugg action was there, you cheeky scallawags? Well, that’s fine, because we reckon our three ideas are pretty feasible anyway.


Girl Online‘ and ‘Username: Evie‘ were both hugely successful books published in the last couple of years. Although both fiction, though, their storytelling formats were intrinsically different. But we reckon a graphic novel version of ‘Girl Online’ would be pretty epic.


If Joe and Caspar can do it, why not let Zoe tag along too? However, we know that flying isn’t always Zoe’s favourite activity, so we think a cute trip around the UK would be fun. Or they could just show us the best parts of the West Country. Oh-er!


Alfie Deyes (AKA PointlessBlog, AKA Zoella’s boyf) has a pretty successful line of merchandise — ngl, we want all of it. So perhaps he’s been giving Zoe some top tips on how best to approach her own brand of clothing and our girl thought she might as well get the broseph in on the fun.

Pretty good, huh? Here at MP!, we think we may have just nailed it, tbh. Let’s be real, though. Whatever it is, it’s going to be amazeballs, because Zoe and Joe are flawless. If you agree, hit us up @maximumpop and take a hack at what you think they might be up to, too.

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