Joe Sugg wants us to wake up happy with the help of Tesco Mobile.

Here’s a question for you. If you had 700 litres of paint, a 100ft tape measure and 25 artists what would you do with them?

OK, time up. According to Joe Sugg and Tesco mobile you are best using these items to create the biggest emoji! Yep, you heard us right, the world’s biggest… and they said nothing happens in the countryside!

So if you live in the little Village of Bathford near Bath then you should have woken up with the world’s largest smile on your face with the emoji painted across the hill tops. If you haven’t yet you have seen it then what is wrong with you?!


Bet you’re smiling now! We can tell.

According to a recent survey, we has a nation don’t use our mornings wisely. Guilty of Facebooking or Tweeting instead of having a cushdy little cuddle with out partners or generally being stressed because who likes mornings anyway?

Well this has inspired our good friend Joe Sugg and the peeps over at Tesco Mobile to give us a reason to stress less in the mornings.
Check out the behind the scenes of this incredible project.

Now, if you could magically appear in our back garden in the morning to cheer us up that would be fab Joe

Have you spotted the world’s biggest emoji? Send us a selfie over at @maximumpop if you have!

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