OMG, Joe Sugg is definitely up to something

We’re going to admit we didn’t actually see this one coming and that, being the little sneak that he is, Joe Sugg has had this one right under our noses the whole time and we didn’t even realise. But now it’s been brought to our attention and we are dead excited about it. You might even say we’ve lost our chill. Actually, there’s no ‘might’ about it — we defo have.


The Twitter account once used for ‘Username: Evie‘ promo has gone through a change recently without our knowing and it turns out it’s been a massive clue as to what is coming next for our boy Joe.

Joe quote tweeted the above with lots of those suspicious side eyes and, call us Sherlock Holmes, but we reckon this might mean there’s not only one more graphic novel on the way, but actually multiple more stories within the ‘Username: Evie’ universe!

Note series. Not trilogy, series. 

BRB whilst we take a lie down, because this is legit the best thing we’ve heard since Zoella announced ‘Girl Online 3’.

Did you already know about this? If so, why the heck didn’t you tell us? Tweet us @maximumpop so we can freak out together.

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