ICYMI: Joe Sugg’s uploads this week were pure fire and here’s why

Let’s face it, you’ve probably already watched everything in your subscription box on YouTube and then some, because you are the kind of epic human beings who #GetStuffDone. However, if you’re one of those people who feel our pain and gets swept away with life and keeping track of everything else, let alone your YouTube feed, then we’ve got some amazing news for you: Joe Sugg has been even more on it than usual.


We all know Joe is legit so talented when it comes to impressions and his latest video has one-upped his past efforts. Impossible, we hear you say. Nu-uh. In his latest edition of #SuggSunday, Joe and his pop star friend Conor Maynard competed against each other to sing various well known songs in the voices of some beloved characters.

The result? They were both pretty good at it, but Joe will always be the king of impressions in our heart. He’s endearing AF.

But that wasn’t all that was exciting in the world of ThatcherJoe, oh no.

He’s been back on his vlogging game recently and many viewers were left a little confused when he ended his video titled ‘Big Joe And Caspar Announcement‘ stating there would be a second ‘Joe & Caspar Hit The Road‘. No one was entirely sure whether it was really happening, or whether it was a delayed April Fools joke.

There’s no need to be confused any longer though, because Joe mentioned it again in his most recent vlog and a sequel is definitely happening! And it turns out the boys are going to be taking the USA by storm. How exciting!

Happy to hear there’ll be another instalment of Joe and Caspar madness hitting the big screen? Let us know @maximumpop, and also be sure to fill us in on who you thought won at those singing impressions too.

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