Watch: Joe Sugg takes on ‘the’ Kimmy K photoshoot

YouTuber, ThatcherJoe (or Joe Sugg which is his actual name), has taken on the mighty Kim Kardashian in his latest online video with an impressive guide on how to recreative her famous ‘Break the internet’ photoshoot. Joe gives us incredible fashion advice on how to create her famous dress at home by using a bin bag (which surprisingly looks realistic to the one used in the photoshoot) and then attempts the champagne in glass pose.

Following a pretty much failed attempt, Joe then ends up with a messy and sticky bathroom after trying it with Coke and Mento’s which as you can imagine didn’t go down well either. To be fair to him, he nearly got it spot on. Of all the ‘How To…’ video’s on YouTube, this one has to be up in the Top 10 – at least. However we had a good LOL at this, so thank you Joe.

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