We chat to Joe from Sigma: “Vomit over the crowd? Like a champagne spray with sick?”

We chat to one half of Sigma – Joe Lenzie – ahead of the pair’s DJ set at Thorpe Park Island Beats about Kayne trying to stop himself from smiling, duetting with Ella Henderson and vomming on fans when the beat drops.



This time of year with festival season coming up for a DJ act we imagine you don’t get a lot of sleep. Is that true?

Joe: Yeah, it can be quite difficult at times but it’s just about managing the load of working we’re doing in the studio and the amount of time that we spend drinking and partying. It’s not a bad situation to be in, to be honest.

Have you got that skill now where you can sleep pretty much anywhere? Can you get to sleep at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on the bus?

Joe: I can’t actually. I’m quite bad at that. I used to be able to but recently the sleeping’s become a bit of an issue so I’m trying my best but sleeping on a bus, that’s not really for me. I need a nice bed.

On July 31st you will be playing Thorpe Park Island Beats. It’s a gig in a theme park. That’s pretty good, right?

Joe: Yeah, it’s quite different to other stuff that we usually do and obviously we’ve kind of been prepped on roughly what it is that we’ll be doing but we don’t  really know. Do you? Do you know what it’s gonna be like?

We think you just kind of rock up on an island, there’s loads of rides and you have a quality time. We think that’s how it works.

Joe: Sounds great!

Did you go to Thorpe Park when you were a kid?

Joe: I think I did once, I can’t really remember. It would have been a long time ago. My memory’s terrible but I know I haven’t been since they’ve made all these new rides with all the crazy stuff so I’m quite excited.

Can you remember the first rollercoaster ride you went on as a kid?

Joe: It probably would have been the dodgems at the local fair or something.

What do you think the right preparation is for this show? Do you think you’ll go on Nemesis and Inferno a couple of times to get fired up or do you think that’ll make you feel ill?

Joe: Yeah, I’ll maybe leave that until after the show if that’s possible. I don’t know what time we’re playing, maybe it’s at the end of the day and I’ll have to go on the rides before. But yeah, that’ll be good to get the adrenaline pumping anyway.

Maybe it’s good to leave it until after because you don’t really want to be sick on the decks, do you?

Joe: No.

Would that set you back a bit? Would it be expensive if you threw up on the decks?

Joe: I think I’d be more worried about the embarrassment than how much it’d cost. There’s a whole crowd of people and you’re being sick everywhere, it’s not really the best look is it?

Unless you time it right when the beat drops and it’s like a projectile vomit on the crowd?

Joe: Vomit over the crowd? Like a champagne spray with sick?

Yeah! You never know, have a think about it. Are you and Cameron competitive when it comes to things like theme park rides. Do you have to beat each other?

Joe: No, not really. We’re quite chilled so I can’t imagine us competing over who’s been on the ride the most amount of times but I’m sure we will enjoy it anyway.

Are there any rides that you’re definitely not going to go on because they freak you out too much?

Joe: I haven’t actually looked at what the rides are. I know the names of them but I don’t know what any of them do. I know there’s one that’s got a massive drop. Is that right?

There’s one called Stealth which is ridiculously fast where you fly straight into the air and then straight back down again.

Joe: Yeah, I think maybe I’ll give that one a miss. I’ll have a go on the others.

A Sigma show is always a massive show so what’s your Thorpe Park set going to be like?

Joe: We obviously like to play a load of the tracks that have done well over the last couple of years, and we’ll be playing some new tracks from the new album which is coming out towards the end of the year, so there’s going to be lots of stuff. We’re really looking forward to it. We always bring a good party vibe so hopefully everybody’s going to be up for it – like we’re going to be –  and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Your new single ‘Gliterball’ with Ella Henderson’s on the way soon as well, tell us a bit about that.

Joe: We just finished filming the video in Ibiza last week actually so we’re excited to get that up online and get that finished. The single’s coming out at the end of July so get downloading it!

Have you met Ella? Did you get in the studio with her?

Joe: Yeah, she’s lovely, a really down to earth girl as you’d expect and we had a great time, she’s just really chilled out and really cool to get on with. We worked her quite hard in the studio, we made sure we got the best out of her and she was really cool with that which was really nice so there was no drama.

When you come up with an idea of a track and you think Ella’s the right person to do it, how does it work start to finish?

Joe: It’s basically a collaboration between us and the label working out who’s going to be the right vocalist for each track because obviously you want a big feature. We’re blessed to be in the situation where we can work with artists of her calibre but it’s also about who suits the track best in terms of the vibe and obviously Ella had a really good year last year, she’s got a great profile and she’s got an amazing voice so when we hit up her management team and they came back saying she was interested in doing it, we were really excited. It’s worked out really well, we’re really happy.

Have you got a WhatsApp group where you, Cameron and Ella send each other weird emojis?

Joe: No, that’s a good idea. I’m going to set one up, I’m going to do it today.

We’ve got a couple of fan questions from Twitter now so Sam asks ‘I’m off to Leeds uni in September, where should I go out?’ because that’s where you and Cameron met, isn’t it?

Joe: That was a long time ago so I’m not sure but it may have changed. We used to go to Northern Lights on a Wednesday night, Stylus on the the uni campus was good, and there’s a little pub which I’ve completely forgotten the name of but it’s right next to Leeds uni but that was really good. I think it’s called The Firkin. This has probably all massively changed though.

Finally Jamie asks ‘What was the last YouTube video you watched that made you laugh?’

Joe: I think it was either something to do with a cat or a dog, they’re usually the ones that get me. Actually no, it was a video of Kayne trying to stop himself from smiling. Check it out.


‘Glitterball’ is released July 24. Sigma play Thorpe Park Island Beats on July 31. Tickets available here.



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