Joe Jonas has deleted all ties he had to Zayn Malik, awks.

So we loved Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas as a couple but before we have even had time to greave, it seems that not long after walking away from her relationship with Joe, Gigi has her eye on someone else. Gigi was spotted holding hands with Zayn Malik and going on a couple of dates, it seems to be moving very swiftly…

Gigi Hadid

As expected it seems this didn’t go down too well with old Joe Jonas, as the former Jo Bro has seemingly unfollowed Z on Twitter (AWKS.)

Not only that, having hung out with the former 1D star at the NY Fashion week earlier in the year, and sharing a snap of their #SQUAD which also featured Kayne West, Joe has since deleted the snap from Twitter.

We think it might be fair to say, J is not completely supportive of the new romance between Z & G…

What do you think about it then? Ship it or think it’s shit? Thoughts over to @maximumpop please

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