Joe Jonas writes a song that will ‘p*** someone off’ – who’s it about?

Uh oh, spaghettiOs! Sounds like Joe Jonas has some steam he wants to let off and a certain someone won’t be happy.


Talking about a new track he’s been working on, Joe Jo said: “I have written a song that is going to p*** someone off.”

“They’ll know it’s them but, in a way, it’s a compliment that you affected me that much. Even if the content isn’t positive, at least I cared.”

While there’s currently no title confirmed for this song, we thought we’d help Joe out with some ideas of our own.

1. ‘Bro, You Took My Girl’

Joe and someone *ahem* were like bros and hung out in LA until that someone decided to go make a move on Joe’s ex. Not a good idea.


2. ‘I’m Going To P*** You Off’

Simple, but effective.

3. ‘Model Status’

No idea who this one could be about.

4. ‘Here’s My Revenge’

Watch out, T-Swizzle. Joe has some unfinished business here. 10 years after she wrote about him in the song ‘Forever and Always,’ it’s time for the comeback.

5. ‘I’m The Better Brother’

Maybe he, Nick and Kevin have had a little spat and he’s decided to rub salt in the wounds.

Again, we have no idea who it’s about, but maybe this will help Joe out.t

Got any title ideas? Tweet them @maximumpop and maybe Joe will see.

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