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Lumos! Fan sheds light on JK Rowling’s mystery tweet

On October 6th, at 11.06 am Greenwich time, JK Rowling posted a seemingly harmless tweet, which was set to rock the Harry Potter fandom worldwide. After being questioned on her current project, Rowling finally conceded, posting an anagram for her loyal followers to try to solve:

Bit of a puzzler, right? Of course, fans got to work, rearranging the letters almost immediately after the world-famous author’s tweet was posted.

And there were a lot of possibilities.  However, one of the most stirring suggestions for this riddle was from a Reddit user who came up with the answer: Harry returns! Won’t say any details now. A week off. No comment”, sparking what can only be described as mass hysteria amongst wannabe Hogwartians. The mere possibility of Harry returning to print after this long is enough to send any Potterhead wacky. 

Unfortunately though, Rowling later confirmed the answer, and it had nothing to do with the boy wizard returning. Instead, it was in relation to the new Harry Potter spin-off movies, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. One lucky fan was clever enough to unscramble this riddle, which is in fact the first line from the synopsis of the film, set to hit theatres in 2016:

As much as we would have loved to see Harry back in action, we can’t say that this isn’t exciting news. Here’s hoping for more delicious hints and riddles. 

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Written by Laura Fulton

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