J.K. just answered the shipping question we’ve ALL been asking

If you’ve not been to see ‘Fantastic Beasts’ yet, then where have you even been? It’s probably definitely the best film to be released so far this year, and with plenty more FB films to come, we are feeling pretty darn magical.

Earlier this week, JK took to Twitter to confirm that Newt WILL be returning to centre stage in the next film, and as you can imagine, the world went CRAZY.

After hearing this most glorious news, naturally, we’re now all waiting on tenterhooks to see where the Tina-Newt flirtationship will go (if you’re a hardcore fan you may already have *some* idea, but for those not in the know, it’s all to play for).

And, as if you needed any more convincing of Newt and Tina’s shipability, JK has now taken to Twitter to confirm their OFFICIAL ship name.In response to this question:

J.K. said this:

As ships go, we are TOTALLY fangirling over Newtina. Now we just need to know whether we should be getting Grindeldore or Dumblewald tees, and we can all die happy.

Got a vital ‘Fantastic Beasts’ question you want answered ASAP? Leave your questions below – we’d love to *try* and get them answered for you! You can celebrate this totally awesome shipping news by playing some of our epic Harry Potter quizzes. Have a go at some of these…

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