Liam Payne is the hottest 1D member – Jimmy Fallon says so. We just can’t!

One Direction and Jimmy Fallon are old friends – they sing together, they joke together and just have a lot of fun.


Truth be told, we all have our fave 1D member (or two),  but Jimmy clearly doesn’t play this game anymore. During this episode of the Tonight Show he was finally ready to set the question straight – who is the hottest member of One Direction?

Harry Styles!’, happily shouted some guy in the audience. We understand you, buddy, we clearly do – who can resist those beautiful curls and wide smile?


‘Thank you, sir’, said Jimmy, ‘but according a recent poll Harry Styles has been unseated by Liam Payne’.

So, according to this poll, Liam is #1, Harry is second, Louis got the bronze medal and Niall is number four. But, wait… We didn’t know that 1D has more members than we thought!

Do you agree with Jimmy’s rankings?

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