MP! Exclusive: Jesy Nelson tells us about USA Pro, false eyelashes, and Hotline Bling

As you’ve probably heard, the ladies of Little Mix are teaming up with USA Pro to bring you the best and cutest in athletic wear. Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Ann, and Jade each gave us some insight on how they feel about staying fit, dealing with criticism, New Year’s resolutions, and more. Here’s what Jesy had to say.

USA Pro Little Mix

What are your favourite products from the new range?

I love the leggings, because they suck you in, they’re very nice.

What are your favourite ways to stay motivated?

I like to go to the gym, I like to go for a little run around the block, erm and do a few sit ups.  

What are your beauty secrets?

I think if you’re tired, concealer really helps under the old bags, erm healthy, shiny hair is a good beauty secret.

What eyelashes do you wear?

Ardell Wispies, we also wear a lot of individual ones, so they don’t look the same.

Which USA Pro products would you definitely take to the gym with you?

The leggings, the sports bras and the vests.

If you only had 15 minutes spare each day what exercise would you do?

I do weights with my arms, I have a band that you can do weight exercises with, and then I do sit ups.  I always tone my arms regardless.  

What are you looking forward to the most when you’re designing the new range?

I think creating stuff that I would like to wear to the gym and what suits my body shape because I’m fuller figured than the other girls, so it would be nice to create stuff that I feel comfortable to go to the gym in.  

What should the public expect to see in the range?

I think something gothicy and cool, errrrrm grungy sport wear, if that makes sense.

Do you have a strong support network around you and what does that consist of?

It consists of my fiancé, my family and the girls.

What would you say are the individual characteristics of the little mix band? What makes you different from other bands?

We are all very individual within ourselves, we’re all very different looking, we’re all different shapes and sizes, and I think that is what a lot of girls can relate to.

How do you like to stay in shape? Do you work out with the other girls? Or do you have completely different fitness goals?

I like to go to the gym.  I have a personal trainer sometimes, and then rehearsing a lot as well as dancing.

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay, what would you say to your fans about coping with the pressure of body image and the visual ambush of perfect bodies on Instagram posts?

I think try not to get caught up in looking perfect because, nobody’s perfect, regardless of what you see on Instagram, that’s probably not what the picture looked like before.  With things like face tune and stuff like that, I don’t know many people that put up pictures on social media and keep it as what it is, it’s not real life and that’s not what people actually look like.  I think you just have to learn to love yourself and embrace yourself because there is only one you.  

Who are you celebrity style icons?

I don’t really have any, that’s really bad (laughs), erm I like Gwen Stefani.  

What is your favourite song at the minute?

Either Drake ‘Hotline Bling‘ or Beyoncé ‘Running’.

Do you collect anything?

I collect rings, silver rings.

What will be your New Year’s resolution?

It will be to not have a New Year’s resolution because I never stick to it. 

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