Jesy Nelson just can’t win! She’s now being skinny shamed


There’s literally no pleasing some people and their BS is starting to be a bit too much to swallow.


Jesy seemingly is constantly under fire with people criticising every inch of her body, from her weight to her hairline.

Here’s why everyone should have a problem with this Daily Mail headline about Jesy


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The most recent episode came last night when Jesy posted this fierce selfie showing off her hot bod which she’s worked so hard to get.

Italy 🇮🇹

A photo posted by @jesymix14 on

Lots of followers started to comment on the photo saying that Jesy was too thin and that she had lost too much weight.

Bandmate Jade Thirlwall recently revealed that she suffered from anorexia in the group’s second autobiography ‘Our World’. So it’s understandable that fans would want to protect Jesy from the same plight, especially seeing as she has had to endure a lot of hate regarding her weight since Little Mix rose to fame.

But there’s also a matter of celebrating hard work. Jesy has been performing day in day out on tour over the past year so it’s normal that she has lost a bit of weight. Being a pop star is athletic stuff., especially for girlbands who do complex dance routines and do hours of rehearsal.


Plus, she’s definitely not skinny. She looks healthy and happy, which a lot of people did notice:

“Queen. OMFG”

“Slayyyyy! I love you so much you stunning girl”.

“Your figure is amazing. I love how confident you are with your body”.

We think Jesy looks fabulous and we should recognise all her hard work. What do you think of Jesy’s selfie? Use the comments box below to have your say.

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