Here’s why everyone should have a problem with this ‘Daily Mail’ article about Jesy Nelson

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As we skimmed across the headlines one stood out to us like a sore thumb: “PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Little Mix star Jesy Nelson shows a thinning hairline during shopping spree… after revealing she’d suffered alopecia as a teen due to bullies”.

Oh ‘Daily Mail’ you never stop surprising us. This is a pretty low blow by anyone’s standards. The poor girl was literally just out shopping and you find a way to call her out for it.


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Seriously, when you look a million dollars every day on tour for months, all you want to do is to tie your hair up and forget about it while you indulge in some well-deserved retail therapy. There’s so much pressure on pop stars nowadays to look amazing 24/7. It’s a completely unrealistic standard that not even the most perfect of all pop stars could live up to. And, not that it should even make a difference, but Jesy did still look every inch the rock chick anyway.

“The look was a far cry from the glam hairstyles she is normally seen sporting, and hearkened back to the singer’s pre-fame days when she was bullied at school.”

This is the worst bit of all. ‘DM’ are clearly trying to dress the whole article up as if it were about Jesy’s fight with alopecia when she was a teenager. They pretend to be worried about her health, but in reality they just wanted to use the headline about Jesy’s “thinning” hair as clickbait. Pretty low if you ask us.

Jesy is in a great place right now. After reports emerged that she was struggling with her place in the spotlight earlier in the year, Jesy came back fighting, smashing festival season with killer performance after killer performance. The article that ‘DM’ has written is exactly the type which could make her self-conscious again after all her progress.


To reference manchestergirl’s comment on the ‘DM’ article, highlighting someone’s insecurities is not a way of helping them. By doing so, ‘DM’ have let themselves become the bullies.

Perhaps ‘DM’ would do well to remember the old saying, “if you’ve got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all”. Comments like this are not clever or helpful in any way, however much you try to kid yourself otherwise.

What’s your opinion on the ‘DM’ article? We’d love to hear what you think. Leave your comments in the box below.

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