Little Mix tease us with their ‘best album yet’, we’re so ready, just hit us with it.

Little Mix are treating us amazingly, first a single announcement and now they’re teasing us with their next album!

We haven’t had an album from the girls since 2013 and its been waaay too long since we’ve heard a new song from them but as Jesy has said, it’s worth the wait!

Jesy told Capital FM “It’s been absolutely incredible – it has been very stressful at the same time because we thought it was going to be really easy doing the third album, but it’s been the hardest. I think this is why it’s taken so long because we are just perfectionists and we wanted it to be the best album that we’ve done and I feel like it is.”

We can imagine it’ll be hard to top ‘Salute’ but we believe in you!

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“It’s very different to what we’ve done before” Little Mix talk their best single yet!