Come on Jessie, are you trying to give us tooth ache?

She can sing ‘Bang Bang’ with her mouth closed.

She can sing in various pitches and styles.

She also dresses on the same level of eccentricity as Lady Gaga (minus the meat)

and most importantly she is able endorse snack foods in the least cringeworthy most incredibly cringeworthy way.

I mean who could forget that French commercial for TUC?


or that time she teamed up with Rixton and Jhene Aiko to promote Pop Tarts?

Well now Jessie is fronting Cadbury, that legendary tasting chocolate bar that can never be replaced with Hersheys, EVER!!

There is an up side to this though, I know you may not be thinking it so far but honestly be patient, happiness does exist. They will be running a competition to win a meet and greet with the star. Also get this you can take selfies with your favourite bar. As if the chocolate is going to be around long enough for that to happen!

Now the company in Australia behind this whole venture has offered logistical reasons as to why this is a good idea.

Apparently discovering a new flavour of Cadbury’s is like finding new talent on The Voice, AKA ‘The Joy of Discovery’.

We are assuming she gives us full permission to not be okay with these adverts?

Phew, glad you could clear that up! We also hope she is willing to pay for our dentist bills after eating all these sweet foods!

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