Jessie J’s ‘Alive’- amazing album alert

We were very excited here at MP! Towers when a copy of Jessie J’s Alive album landed in our inbox. We had to ask ourselves “Are we asleep or are we alive?” but thankfully, it wasn’t a dream. We hit play and here’s what happened:

First up, we had Jessie J’s self confident and attitude fuelled ‘It’s My Party’, which we are sure you’re familiar with. Second was the love song ‘Thunder’ which has a real Bonnie Tyler feel to it. This was followed by the mid-tempo ballad ‘Square One’, which is quite a contrast to the first two songs and shows that Jessie has no plans to create an album filled with the same type of music.

Next we have the soundtrack to the No. 7 advert ‘Sexy Lady’. It’s a fun and bubbly track filled with guitar licks that reminds us of her ‘Domino’ days. Coming next, is ‘Harder We Fall’ which starts off slow and acoustic and then lifts us up as the beat kicks in and Jessie’s vocals soar. ‘Breathe’ is another 80’s power ballad inspired track and is quite haunting.

Jessie shows a completely vulnerable side with ‘I Miss Her’. The song is a raw and emotional within the first five seconds, when we hear her take a deep breath. ‘Daydreaming’ brings back the fun factor and is full of bouncy 80’s synths. Next up is her collaby wabby with Becky G ‘Excuse My Rude’ which is bursting with the signature Jessie J attitude.

Lead single ‘Wild’ comes up next, which we all agree is awesome. ‘Gold’ follows and it looks like it could be a strong contender for the 2016 Olympics in Rio with it’s empowering message and chant-along chorus. The Brandy duet ‘Conquer The World’ follows and we were blown away as the two vocal powerhouses go at it (not like that)! The album finishes with the title track ‘Alive’ which is another bubbly, fun uplifting track and a great way to finish an amazing album.

In short ‘Alive’ is a triumph, filled with fun 80s influences as well as maintaining Jessie’s (to quote Tulisa) “urban roots” and has some great uplifting messages whilst also showing the more vulnerable and likeable side to Ms. J.

‘Alive’ hits shops on the 23rd of September so make sure you grab a copy. Now, watch the ‘It’s My Party’ video below:

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