Neon Jungle

You’re looking for facts about Jess from Neon Jungle:

  • Jess’ full name is Jessica Kate Plummer  [source]
  • Jess is from London [source]
  • Jess is 22 and her birthday is the 16th September 1992 [source]
  • Her star sign is Virgo
  • Jess’ Twitter account is @Neon_Jess
  • Jess’ Instagram account is @Neon_Jess
  • Jess’ favourite food is a Sunday roast complete with Yorkshire puddings
  • Jess is the oldest member of Neon Jungle
  • Jess admits she is the biggest shopaholic in the group.
  • Jess got scouted to be in Neon Jungle when she was sat outside a bar in London’s trendy Brick Lane.
  • Jess says she “freakishly OCD” about cleanliness.
  • Jess claims has a bad habit of sticking her tongue out and biting it.
  • Jess’ other bad habit is swearing.

Today you learnt about Jess from Neon Jungle.


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