YAS JASS! I had an unintentional evening at the races with Jess Glynne

So I spent Wednesday night with these crazy cats.


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I got tickets to see Jess Glynne ages ago and I’ll be honest, when they said that the gig would be at Sandown Racecourse (just outside of London) it didn’t really click that this gig would be actually at a racecourse with horses, betting, the whole shebang!

I’ll admit it. I probably should have read the gig information a bit more thoroughly, but it just really, truly did not register. When my friend and I rocked up in our normal gig attire, complete with trainers and SnapBack caps, we were met with a sea of people in suits and ties, dresses and jackets. 



There was even a Champagne and Seafood room….



But, after deciding that we were the two worst dressed people there, we slowly came to the realisation that we didn’t give a stuff and proceeded to get into gig mode. Cue outrageous selfies.



Then my friend got sick of me. Tweet us @maximumpop if your friends get bored of you taking selfies/pictures all the time. #firstworldproblems, am I right?


Not that that stopped me… OOOH HORSES!


Then the absolute queen that is Jess Glynne came on and blew all our socks off! No sock zone.

This one’s my fave. Such a positive message. Everyone felt something special in the air during ‘Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself’.

I actually fell in love with Jess’ backing dancers, especially the boys with the brass. To play an instrument is one thing, but to do it with such style and in-sync dancing… priceless!

Despite being caught off guard by the dress code initially, we had a ridiculously good time at our evening at the races with Jess Glynne. Jess was Jess and that’s all that matters. #noplaceidratherbe

Tweet us @maximumpop if you’ve ever been caught off guard by a gig’s dress code and also if you just love Jess Glynne and wish she would take you hoooooooooooooome.

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