‘It’s different from any other YA book I have ever read’ MP!er Kelly reviews Jenny Valentine’s ‘Fire Colour One’.

Fire and precious artworks don’t often go well together, but Jenny Valentine weaves them together perfectly in her story of love, loss and mystery.

MP!er Kelly received a copy of ‘Fire Colour One’ through our You Review, and here’s what she had to say about it.

Describe ‘Fire Colour One’ in one word.


Have you read any of Jenny Valentine’s books before? If not, does this book make you want to read others?

No. But I have added her to my ever growing list of authors to check out, after reading this book.

Fire Colour OneWhat do you think of the cover?

I like it. It’s eye catching but it doesn’t represent the story being told within the pages of the book.

Can you pick a favourite character, and why?

Ernest. Ernest is my favourite character, while being a total con artist, I loved that he had the last laugh while managing to show Iris how much he truly loved her.

What did you think of all the art references?

I thought they were all cleverly interwoven in the story and I loved the title, which is a reference to a famous painting by Yves Klien. It was a clever thing to do.

Can you think of a favourite bit?

The shock at the end of the book.

How about a least favourite?

I don’t have a least favourite bit as it was a really good read and every sentence contributed to the plot.

Would you recommend ‘Fire Colour One’ to friends?

Yes I would. It’s a very clever and enjoyable read. As it’s totally unconventional and different from any other YA book I have ever read.

US or UK?


Thurston or Ernest?


Was the plot straight-forward or twisty?


Was the ending expected or surprising?



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