Jedward’s Big Adventure featuring Sian and Jess Parade – watch now!

Take a pair of popstar twins that spend their free time dancing in their underwear, add two girls from Parade that spend their free time trashing boy band dressing rooms, drop them in the Jurassic Coast and what have you got? It’s episode three of new TV show Jedward’s Big Adventure, featuring special guests Sian Charlesworth and Jess Agombar. There’s a bit where the girls are rudely awakened by Jedward, there’s a bit where one of Jedward get covered in beans and there’s a bit where everyone pretends to be a giant creature with big teeth.

Is it the best 30 minutes of pop TV so far this year? Yes. Is it the best 30 minutes of pop TV ever? We’ll let you be the judges of that. Click here to watch Jedward’s Big Adventure on BBC iPlayer.

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