Jedward to film THREE new music videos starring Tara Reid, Perez Hilton and… William Shatner?!

Jedward have been on a roll recently with interviews. They’ve got a lot planned up to the release of their fourth album and we just can’t contain our excitement. So what have we learned from these interviews?

Well chatting to LMFM Radio the twins WILL be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge! Better late than never. They’ll be doing it to help raise awareness for a charity called Join Our Boys. Great cause lads. We can’t wait. They also thought Chesney Hawkes was dead, oh boys! 

On TwoTube they revealed they would be recording three music videos in LA! With only the BEST stars in them. Including their BFF Tara Reid, Perez Hilton and THE William Shatner?! Did we hear that right?! Turns out they’re BFF’s too. william

Keep an eye out for John’s dancing on the sofa. It’s hypnotising.

And lastly we have Newstalk. Where they just don’t stop talking, but that’s why we love them. A lot of serious talk here about music and life. ‘Open your mind, look around you, take in the fresh air and realise life is life.’ Wise words John.

Edward’s reaction to John saying he was heavier than Edward is priceless. They have to be the SAME! How dare you reveal that secret John. Also talking about last kisses the twins revealed they had been kissed recently – OH REALLY? We’d like a piece of Jedward please.

So there you have it. A few jepic updates from the world of Jedward. It’s going to be a jamazing few months.

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