Jedward are bringing Summer to us with new video for ‘Make Your Own Luck’. Be prepared for nipples and cute pooches.

Jedward have unveiled their music video for slick new track ‘Make Your Own Luck’ and it’s jam packed with awesomeness. Including nipples and you know how much us here at Maximum Pop! like nipples.


The track shows the boys going in a different musical direction with a Justin Timberlake sound, AND they’re pulling it off. Soon we’ll get to see some slick JT dance moves we’re sure of it. The video sees Edward living the life of luxury whereas John is living the hard life, scrubbing floors with a toothbrush and generally being Margaret Cho’s bitch. We wouldn’t mind being Margaret – but we’d treat you nicely John we promise.


We also see a cameo from celeb blogger Perez Hilton who’s currently in Big Brother. It’s not the first time he’s appeared in a Jedward video though! Remember Bad Behaviour? Currently doing the dance moves like a pro.

Now because we’re nice we’ve gathered a few screen shots from the video for your viewing pleasure. No need to thank us.

Head straight to Summer and watch the new music video on Vevo:

Like what you hear? You can pre-order it on iTunes too out on the 30th January. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Written by Gemma Calvert

Gemma loves Jedward, but don't hold that against her. This whizz kid has been on Maximum Pop! for over a year and manages the MP! social channels, in English that means she's the boss of our Twitter and Facebook. She works all hours for nothing much than hugs and cookies. Say hello to her on Twitter.

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