Jedward appear in new Avril Lavigne video. POP BITS.

POP BITS. Avril Lavigne asked fans to submit instagram videos to be used in the lyric video for her pop/rock song ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Imagine our delight when we spotted a cameo from everyone’s favourite Dublin duo, John and Edward.

We knew the boys were fans of the ‘Girlfriend’ singer, all the Avril covers on YouTube were a big hint, and we are delighted that they made the cameo (and also slightly jealous). The twins have yet to comment on their appearance in the video but we imagine they will use the words “cool” or “excited” or both to describe the experience.

We can also confirm that we have never seen “to the beat” lipsynced so perfectly by a pair of twins… EVER. Now that’s an achievement boys. POP BITS OUT

Listen to Avril’s new track below and see if you can spot the JedHeads around the 0.51 second mark.

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