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Our girl Jade Thirlwall has nabbed herself a rock boyf and apparently he’s “all-schoolboy giddy”. WE SHIP IT.

So our little babe Jade Thirlwall has only gone and nabbed herself a rock beau. We’re super jel.


She’s currently going out with Jed Elliot from The Struts, who are a badass rock band if you didn’t know.


It seems the lads from The Struts have taken Jade into their arms and accepted her. The lead singer, Luke has said “It’s nice to see Jed really happy and all-schoolboy giddy and it’s really nice and lovely to witness. Obviously it’s really genuine so it’s nice to be able to watch it unfold.” SO CUTE.


He’s also been mindful that they need to be careful of what they post on social media now, as yanno Mixers will protect the girls at all cost. “It’s quite funny on social media as we are all being followed by crazy Little Mix fans who are as loyal as it gets so every tweet and re-tweet we put out is screen-shotted, so I think Jed has to be careful as to what women he looks at now.”

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