Is there a collab between Zayn Malik and Jason Derulo? We want to hear it RIGHT. NOW.

Is there a surprise collaboration between Zayn Malik and Jason Derulo? How are we gonna live with this now? Two insanely talented men with beautiful voices…Ahh!

‘I have this dude that I can’t mention who it is right now, but he’s from a popular boyband that just broke up’, said Derulo in interview with with SiriusXM’s Shade 45, ‘I can’t tell you (if his name starts with a Z), man. I can’t tell you but just know that it’s an exciting project and it’s gonna be huge.’

wow face

We. Are. So. Excited!

Meanwhile, Zayn who now is single man, tweeted:  ‘ I promise this album will be amazing. Got something exciting coming soon’.


How do you feel about this future duet?  Tweet us, we want to know your opinion!

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