We’re still in love with the Janoskians when they’re zombies, bite us if you like.

Mischief-makers The Janoskians have revealed a video for their latest track ‘Friend Zone’, complete with zombies, guitars and guts. After their new EP ‘Would U Love Me’ going straight up the iTunes charts, selling out Wembley Arena and a feature length film in the making, the lads have treated us to this little number.

The ‘Friend Zone’ video sees 5 lonely zombies attempting to make a human girl fall in love with them, unfortunately she sticks with a living, breathing human and ultimately puts the zombies in the friend zone!

The makeup is quite realistic right? Beau even commented on it saying “We hired serious make up artists for this. We wanted to really feel like the Walking Dead. Was such a fun day! But so freakin hot, under all that make up. We shot it in a deserted looking alley in Los Angeles. We wanted it to feel like the Zombie Apocalypse only with guitars and music…lol!”

‘Friend Zone’ is available for pre-order now and will be released on the 24th on May in the UK

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