10 reasons why Jane and Michael are our favourite TV couple on ‘Jane The Virgin’

Here at MP! Towers we ADORE Gina Rodriguez and Brett Dier – they’re our FAVES! So it’s probably not a surprise when we say that we’re Team Michael every time we watch ‘Jane The Virgin’.

Michael is the perfect partner, and goes above and beyond for Jane. Their relationship has left us with some pretty big expectations for our own.

Are you Team Rafael? Or maybe you’re still undecided?

We’re about to tell you why you should be obsessed with Jane and Michael. They are legit the best couple on TV.


1. They have ridiculous, silly little jokes and it’s adorable.jane-michaelThey somehow manage to remind you that no matter how hard life is, the little things in life are actually the big things. (We think this is because each episode is an hour long… so we’re always left a bit emosh!)

2. They are SO respectful of one another’s personal beliefs. jane-michael-2Can someone find us a real life Michael Cordero, please? He’s ridiculously respecting of Jane and the life choices she has made. Dude also has A LOT of self control, what a gentleman!

Fun fact: Brett Dier (Michael) posed for his girlfriend’s Etsy shop IRL. So he is basically the real life Michael. This guy will do ANYTHING won’t he?!

3. Michael is a cop, but has broken the law many, many times to help Jane. jane-michael-3That’s some serious commitment to be honest, isn’t it?!

4. Even when they weren’t together, the love was always there. tumblr_nyb20lYVTr1umhaoro1_250 tumblr_nyb20lYVTr1umhaoro4_250We think Jane still low key hated Christmas last year. And we mean who can blame her?

5. Remember the way they met? It was EPIC.

Michael was on duty and was called to investigate a noise complaint at Jane’s 21st birthday party. When a very drunk Jane answered the door she thought he was a surprise stripper!

Yes, that actually happened.

6. And now? They’re engaged. (For reals!)tumblr_o4f6x0YhT11qacmyzo1_500They finally realised that they’re supposed to be together (even though we already knew that)!

7. After that engagement we’re all like “Rafael who?”tumblr_nev7n6MhWN1u1mp0to2_250Why did Jane and Rafael ever happen? We can’t cope with the thought of Jane being with anyone other than Michael… seriously though, bye Raf.

8. They are a very photogenic family.Michael-with-baby-Mateo-jane-the-virgin-39001461-500-245Being related to Rogelio De La Vega has its perks, Jane takes lovely pictures! And did we mention Michael’s beautiful face yet? Oh and Mateo is probably the cutest baby we’ve ever seen.

9. They just love each other so much, and we love it.tumblr_nigmxkbaF81u47qw0o1_500Seriously it’s contagious, they’re relationship goals. They’ve made us love love if that is even possible?! They are so special, aren’t they?

10. They’re pretty much a power couple.tumblr_njfvncCvU01qcuhdoo6_r1_250If they want something, they make it happen. Watch out Kimye!

So there you have it Jane and Michael have given us ridiculously unrealistic expectations for love and relationships… hbu? Let us know over on Twitter @maximumpop.

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Written by Hannah Lovejoy

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