Love is only half the story. MP!er Brigi reviews Jandy Nelson’s ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’.

There is a reason ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’ by Jandy Nelson has won more awards than we can count. Awarded ‘Best Book of The Year’ by Publishers Weekly, New York Public Library, and Amazon, amongst others, this book has obviously affected countless readers, on top of ourselves here at MP!

Brigi got her hands on a free copy through our You Review section of the site in exchange for an honest review.

BrigiName: Brigi

Have you read Jandy Nelson’s other book, ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’. If not, will you in future? Not yet, but after I read the book ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’, I will definitely give a try to it.

Which twin did you identify most with? It’s hard to choose, because they see the world so differently, but somehow I felt Noah closer to me. Art was an escape for Noah for his whole life, but for Jude it was a way to survive her loss. Both of them changed into something they weren’t and the only way they could be happy again was finding themselves again.

I'll Give You The SunDid you find the split narrative between 2 different times confusing or clever? I found it very clever. To see more perspective is always nice. I love to get to know the characters, to see how they are improving themselves because in that way I can feel more, I can be more person in the same “book world”.

Which of the characters apart from the twins was your favourite, and why? Oscar, because he is full of secrets, he knows how to deal with girls and has an interesting vision of life.

We think this book is full of beautiful quotes. Do you have a favourite? If bad luck knows who you are, become someone else
“Trees, stars, oceans. Fine.”
“And the sun, Jude.”
“Oh, all right,” she says, totally surprising me. “I’ll give you the sun.”

Rate it out of 10. 7

Get your copy of the ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’ here. 

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