‘She definitely has a way with words’ Amy reviews Jandy Nelson’s ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’.

There is a reason ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’ by Jandy Nelson has won more awards than we can count. Awarded ‘Best Book of The Year’ by Publishers Weekly, New York Public Library, and Amazon, amongst others, this book has obviously affected countless readers, on top of ourselves here at MP!

Amy got her hands on a free copy through our You Review section of the site in exchange for an honest review.

Name: Amy Powis
Age: 18

I'll Give You The SunHave you read Jandy Nelson’s other book, ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’. If not, will you in future? Yes, I have read ‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ and I really enjoyed it. I would count it as one of my favourite books of the year, the use of poetry in the novel is just amazing and Jandy Nelson’s writing in both books is amazing. She definitely has a way with words.

Which twin did you identify most with? They both to me are very identifiable but in different ways. But I have to say that Jude and I are quite similar in the fact that I will do weird things to prevent me from getting bad luck and so does Jude.

Did you find the split narrative between 2 different times confusing or clever? I think at first the split narrative was quite confusing as it does change between two times but it is nevertheless clever leaving you in suspense to the last minute in the novel. It was also really nice to see how the characters changed by using the split narrative.

Which of the characters apart from the twins was your favourite, and why? The characters in this book are very likeable and have a wide range of favourite characters including the twins but I really did like the Oscar-Jude- Guillermo relationship. All of their characters were really enjoyable and I really adored them and I felt like they helped Jude throughout the novel.

We think this book is full of beautiful quotes. Do you have a favourite? One of my favourite aspects of the book was definitely the quotes and the illustrations in the novel as they added something special to the novel. There are however just so many to choose from but one of my favourites is “If bad luck knows who you are, become someone else”.

Rate it out of 10. 9.5/10. Definitely one of my favourite books of the year. In my eyes it was just amazing.

Get your copy of the ‘I’ll Give You The Sun’ here. 

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