1D’s fit songwriter has brought out his own album! Here’s 5 tracks that we want the band to cover.

If, like us, you’re a mahoosive One Direction fan then you may have heard of a man named Jamie Scott – he’s one of the band’s main songwriters, with credits on all four of the band’s albums. After penning tracks such as ‘Story of My Life’, ‘You & I’ and ‘Night Changes’ amongst many more, Jamie has now decided to step into the spotlight himself and release his own album ‘My Hurricane’. The new album has made Harry very happy.


‘My Hurricane’ includes collaborations from the very lovely Christina Perri and Ron Sexsmith (us neither) and some tracks that we’d love to hear the 1D lads take on themselves. We’ve picked out five tracks that we’d love to hear Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and – oh wait, no, that’s it – take on.

1Gold Feat. Christina Perri

‘Gold’ sounds like it could have walked straight off of the lads’ latest album ‘Four’ and now that Zayn’s stepped down from the band, maybe Christina Perri could fill in for him.


2 My Hurricane

The album’s titled tracks also fits in with the moody pop/almost folky style of music that the band have been performing lately and we think Liam & co.’s liquid gold vocals would sound amaze on this track.


3 Crazy For Loving Me

We think the boys would sound great on this almost retro sounding track from Jamie, plus we think we’re pretty crazy for loving those boys sometimes.

Number 4 Lady West

It may not be as fun as ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ or ‘Kiss You’ but as one of the most uptempo tracks on the album, we think One Direction could definitely inject some new life into this track.

5 Heaven’s Gates

This track is so beautiful, on par with 1D’s Jamie-penned singles ‘Story of My Life’ and ‘Night Changes’ and we’re actually pretty bummed that he kept it for himself. Maybe the boys can tempt him with a few coins and he’ll let them cover it?

Overall, Jamie’s album is pretty bloomin’ amazing so we deffo think you should buy it. Plus it’s only £7.99 from iTunes so you literally have no excuse. What a bargain!

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