The Janoskins

You’re looking for facts about James from The Janoskians:

  • James’ full name is James Anthony Yammouni  [source]
  • James is 18 and his birthday is February the 27th, 1996 [source]
  • His star-sign is Pisces
  • James has three sisters [source]
  • James is over 6ft tall. [source]
  • James’ Twitter account is @James_Yummouni
  • James’ Instagram account is jamesyammouniofficial
  • James wants a girl that has a great personality, is confident and respects herself
  • James likes the cinnamon challenge more than the milk.
  • James prefers brunettes
  • James chooses personality over looks.
  • James has a crush on Ashley Tisdale.
  • The youngest James would date is 14.
  • James is scared of being choked by a stranger in the bath
  • James says he’s the closest to Jai.
  • James is the only one without tattoos or piercings.
  • James is apparently the most romantic Janoskian.
  • James thinks Kourtney is the hottest Kardashian

Today you learnt about James from The Janoskians.


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