We help James TW get ready for his tour with Shawn Mendes in our exclusive interview

18-year-old James TW is touring with Shawn Mendes on his upcoming world tour this year and anyone Shawn digs, we want to know about. James is signed to the same label as Shawn, and got noticed by posting covers and original songs on YouTube and Spotify.

We had a chat with the British singer-songwriter and helped him get acquainted with the countries he’ll be visiting on tour.

Hey James! In Germany it’s illegal to run out of fuel on the highway – what would you make illegal if you were in charge? 

I would make walking backwards down the street illegal.

walking backwards

That’s pretty random! Spain’s national anthem has no lyrics, which is rubbish for singing along to. What would the lyrics include if you could rewrite them? 

I’d say something about Ibiza, Barcelona football and warm weather probably. Very cliche but I am a Brit.

We’d learn those lyrics off by heart. Barcelona rejected the Eiffel Tower so it was put in Paris. If you could put the Eiffel Tower anywhere in the world, where would you put it? 

I’d put the Eiffel Tower in the village I live in – Barford, UK. I’ve always wondered how out of place it would look there. 

It’s considered unlucky to turn a baguette upside down in France – what is one superstition you are very wary of? 

I never step on three drains in a row. People often see me jump and hop around when walking on the street. It’s because of this superstition. 

Glad we’re not the only ones, there! Sweden allows random citizens to take over the country’s official Twitter for one week – who would you allow to use your Twitter for an entire week?

I’d let my sister take over my Twitter account for a week as long as she didn’t post anything embarrassing about me as a kid.

Norway introduced salmon sushi to the Japanese – what British delicacy would you introduce to the rest of the world?
I would introduce the world to fish and chips. There’s nothing better than a family night in with fish and chips. 

Agreed. In France you can marry a dead person – if you could marry anyone who is already dead, who would it be?

If I had to marry a dead person, I would marry Marilyn Monroe.

Good choice. Danish people eat an average of 42 sausages every year – what food do you think you eat the most on average?
The food that I eat the most is definitely paprika-flavoured Pringles. Sometimes I get through a tube and a half a day when I’m at home. Thankfully, they don’t sell them in America otherwise I might have a health problem.
Thanks, James! We’re off to go eat some Pringles now. 
Check out James TW on YouTube now!

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