You’ll never guess what The Vamps’ James McVey has in common with Ariana and Ellie

The VampsJames McVey is such a great spokeperson for vegeterianism. He has teamed up with PETA various times to promote a meat-free diet and tbh that face could convince us to do bungee-jump off the Eiffel Tower. Check out his latest campaign by clicking on the image below.


We had a little chat with James about his decision to live a vegetarian lifestyle:

1. Could you tell us the main reasoning as to why you decided to become vegetarian and how the change has affected your life?

I’ve never really been a big meat-eater. For me, though, I simply love animals too much to eat them. After thinking about it and associating animals with the food on my plate, I realised that eating meat was not for me.

2. Humans have been eating meat since the dawn of time and it is part of our traditional diet. Our bodies have adapted to eat meat so why do you think we should change our habits now?

You don’t know the possibilities unless you try new things! We don’t live in caves, and most of us don’t hunt our own food, so we’ve already evolved from relying on meat. In today’s world of virtually unlimited choices, it’s never been easier to leave all animals off our plates. Being veggie doesn’t mean you have to eat kale for every meal – there are great substitutes that are tasty, wholesome, and healthy!


3. What’s the funnest thing about being a vegetarian?

New flavours – I’ve never had so many tasty meals. A veggie roast is THE BOMB.

4. Who is your favourite celebrity vegetarian?

Ellie Goulding is someone I greatly admire and also completely meat-free.

Couldn’t body roll like this with a belly full o’ meat now could ya?


5. What is your top tip for a veggie recipe we can all try out?

I make a veggie shepherd’s pie. All I do is switch lamb for veggie mince, which you can get in every supermarket, and sweet-potato mash instead of normal mash! Same for spag bol – just use veggie mince. It’s so easy, and best of all, it’s healthier and meat-free!

Did James convince you to go vegetarian? Share your thoughts using the comments box below.

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