James McVey from The Vamps: 26 nipples in 15 photos you *need* to see

If, like us, you’re partial to the odd perv on a boyband member, you might have noticed that a certain James McVey rather likes getting his pecs out. No? Then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! We reckon The Vamps are set for big things in 2014, not least because of James and his limelight-hogging chest. We can’t wait to see a lot more of them next year. The band, we mean. Not the nips.

Without further ado, here’s some of James’s most nip-tastic moments so far.

1. Hey guys! What…what do you mean, I forgot my t-shirt?

2. Golly, look at those little pointy things! No, no not the yachts. The NIPS.

3. ‘Not ANOTHER picture, James!’ said the nipple, as it snuggled under the duvet for some well-earned beauty sleep.’

4. I’m giving my nips a break from the limelight and letting my Action Man abs do the talking. But what I REALLY want you to look at is all this merch.

5. Soft-focus: the nemesis of any good nipple shot

6. Nipple? Nipple, are you still there? Let me give you a squeeze just to let you know I’m thinking about you.

7. The classic bare-chested selfie. The ‘bachelfie’, if you will.

8. Do you put cameras in the bathrooms of ALL your guests, Mr Hotel Manager?

9. I’ll just accept that my nips are probably more famous than me and not bother having my face in the photo.

10. Hey, it’s us again…yeah, James’s nipples. James? Oh he’s fine, just taking a break..we’re quite enjoying the whole fame thing, though!

11. Guys, look at my awesome party trick! I can point my nipple in the direction of that dude drying his hair!

12. Woah, woah! When did pubes get invited to the party?

13. OMG! Nipples, nipples! Where are you? Come back, we’re such a good team!

14. Phew! Panic over, found ma nips. Just gonna keep them hidden under this…oh.

15. Judging by this pic of Babba James, he’s been showing off since he was a NIP-per! Geddit?


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