James McVey, Lauren Jauregui and JK Rowling. Why can’t celebrities share political views without shade?

2016 is nearly over and it’s easier than ever to get caught up with the idea of Christmas shopping, New Year’s Eve party plans and other holiday festivities. No one can deny it’s a pretty damn exciting time of year.

But, we’ve got to remember that a lot of people aren’t going to wake up in a warm bed with a stocking at the end of it or stuff their faces with an amazing meal. Many teens across the world are fighting for their lives every day, and in one place in particular. You’ve also probably heard of Aleppo in the news a lot more than usual this year and our favourite celebrities have been on hand to educate us on exactly what’s happening.

James McVey took to Twitter this morning to express his views on the Syrian civil war and the battle of Aleppo.

He’s not the only one. Lauren Jauregui posted this on Instagram yesterday.

JK Rowling has been retweeting numerous statements about Aleppo, like this one, for weeks.

Both have received a lot of support, with fans thanking the stars for using their celebrity status to discuss important global issues.

They’ve also received some negativity, with some followers claiming the stars are too far removed from the violence to understand and that their comments won’t have any affect.

Sadly, the backlash after celebrities sharing their political views isn’t new. Remember when Jade Thirlwall commented on the British governments decision to bomb Syria on Little Mix’s official Twitter account?

A lot of people didn’t appreciate her sharing her opinion (most of them from the older generation) and told her to ‘stick to flogging CDs’.

Why must celebrities get backlash from having a public opinion about something which affects everyone? So many other people post online about politics, why is it any different coming from someone in the public eye? Surely, pop stars play an important role in raising awareness of things that some young people won’t hear about. A lot of young people don’t watch the news or read newspapers so we believe celebrities play a vital role in raising awareness of global issues, like politics, which affect every one of us.

How important do you think it is for celebrities to talk about politics? Has a celebrity opened your eyes about something happening in the world? Let us know in the comments below!

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