Struggling with acne? We’ve all been there. Here’s 5 tips from The Vamps’ James McVey.

As you’ll probably know by now (if you don’t, where have you been?) James McVey has joined the world of vlogging and set up his own YouTube account. But instead of just letting us in on loads of Vamps gossip – we’d appreciate that too thanks – he’s been giving us tips on something that really does matter to a lot of teens. The dreaded ‘A’ word… ACNE!

We’ve watched the help video again and again and again and jotted down more and more notes each time, now we want to share them all with you to let you know and James McVey fights acne. You are welcome.

First of all we need to figure out if we even have acne, right? It might seem like a bit of stupid question but how DO you know if you have acne? We could just be spotty teenagers. James says: “I think acne is a term that can be used when you can never really maintain clear skin. I would always have break outs, as soon as one spot would go another would come. It’s not just like little blackheads, it was like big boils.”

1Buy a load of Lush products.

We all love a good bath bomb from Lush but have you ever thought about using their amazingly smelling products to help cleanse and moisturise your face? James uses Ocean Salt (which he washes his face with) and Mask of Magnaminty (which is a face mask, he uses others too though).

2Lancôme Rénergy 3D is literal bae.

There is a men version but James prefers the women one and that’s totally ok. Whatever works, right? It is a little pricey but it seems to be worth it. If you can’t afford it though, we’re sure that anywhere like Boots will be able to help you find a cheaper alternative if you ask.

3Tone down the make-up girls!

Poor James used to wish he could wear make-up at school because his skin was so bad (does he understand the struggles?) but now realises that’s not the answer and actually encourages girls to wear as little make-up as possible when dealing with breakouts.

Number 4Roacutane’s side effects will be horrible but worth it.

Roacutane (or Acutane for American/Canadians) is the strongest prescribed drug for acne. It dries out your skin and fights your acne but the side effects can include nose bleeds, eczema, dry lips and dandruff. Once you persevere, it will show results and will clear your skin up.

5Drink a lot of water.

We all know water’s good for you anyway, but James says: “Water’s really good for reducing the dryness of your skin. When I haven’t drunk a lot of water, the oil builds up and I get more spots.”

If you want to hear it all from the horse’s mouth himself, then check out James McVey’s acne advice video below.

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