Author Appreciation Post: 8 reasons we love author James Dawson including psychic pups and cosplay

Author of ‘Under My Skin’, ‘Say Her Name’, ‘This Book Is Gay’ and ‘All Of The Above’, ex-beareded stunnah James Dawson is a must-read YA author and the topic of our first Author Appreciation Post on Maximum Pop! Books. Here’s 8 reasons we love him.

  1. He’s an award-winning author with fans like Patrick Ness and Cat Clarke whose books have been translated into more than 10 languages. He writes diverse characters so everyone can find someone they identify with in YA. Plus, he’s fantastic on panels, whether speaking or chairing, as you’ll see in his infamous I’m Too Sexy panel.

2. He looks pretty hot dressed as Conchita Wurst. Well, definitely better than we did when we gave it a go.  And Conchita agrees.

3. He won the much-coveted title of Queen of Teen, even beating John Green himself in the vote. And he looks pretty great in a crown.

4. His puppy Prince can PREDICT THE FUTURE! Accurate results not guaranteed. But cuteness? Definitely. Psychic Pup video follows…

5. He NEVER stops campaigning for LGBTQ issues and is a massive role model for young people, putting his voice to use and passionately supporting the issues important to him.

6. Who remembers YALC 2015? While we were worried that our shoes were comfy enough for a day of pacing the auditorium, and we had enough totes for our massive book haul, James turns up in this life-changing, saucy GOT get up.

7. He spends as much time on Twitter and Insta as we do. And there’s never a dull moment in the life of Mr Dawson. Just look at this, this or this.  Mmmmm, meatballs.

8. Most important of all, he’s the author of some of our favourite books.

Do you love James Dawson as much as us? Leave your appreciation for James in the comments below.

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