19 of the best rhymes in James Corden’s ‘Drop the Mic’ segment

He’s brought us some of the best moments with all of our faves in his Carpool Karaoke segment, and now James Corden is across the pond bringing another seriously entertaining premise to ‘The Late Late Show‘. Tbh, he is absolutely killing it.


There’s only been two instalments of the new star-studded segment so far, but we are already completely obsessed with ‘Drop the Mic’. The first featured actress Anne Hathaway.

James Corden’s best rhymes:

  • “Now it’s her turn to try and act a little scary, ’cause the only Cat Woman I acknowledge is Halle Berry.”
  • “Anne’s playing hardball. You wanna act mean? I’ll leave you shaking and crying like your ‘Les Mis’ scenes.”
  • “This isn’t just for me, it’s for the whole UK, mad at your awful British accent in the movie ‘One Day’.”
  • “Congrats on your new movie ‘Through the Looking Glass‘, but I’m sorry about this battle. You can kiss my f*cking ass.”

Anne Hathaway’s best rhymes:

  • “A Cat Woman diss, gosh what do I do? I can’t make fun of you James, ’cause no one’s heard of you.”
  • “They say don’t quit your day job, but you really should. I looked you up on IMDb, it said nothing good.”
  • “I saw that One Direction game you did with the tattoo, the one direction that makes sense is away from you.”

We also kind of loved it when Anne took her heels off and threw them at James to catch. Hatha-slay, indeed!

David Schwimmer (AKA Ross from ‘Friends’) was the next person to take James on in the ‘Drop the Mic’ challenge, with a surprise appearance from the best Australian we know, Rebel Wilson.

James Corden’s best rhymes:

  • “Millenials, let me introduce you to this guy. His name is David, he was famous in ’95.”
  • “But now you get the chance to prove yourself, while I ignore you like Jennifer Aniston does your calls.”
  • “Oh, c’mon David Schwimmer. How are you such a loser when your name rhymes with winner?”
  • “Oh, he’s surprised, he didn’t know that I could slay. What’s the matter, no one told you life could be this way?”
  • “I’m sorry this battle left you so blue, but, unlike this crowd, I’ll be there for you.”

David Schwimmer’s best rhymes:

  • “To be clear, I love the English, I married your kind. But why your wife chose you, my bad, she blind?”
  • “Destroy me? Please, your rhymes totally blew. I worked with a monkey that had more skills than you.”
  • “I’m tall and lean, you’re short and stout. They know me in Japan, they know you at In’N’Out.”

Rebel Wilson’s best rhymes:

  • “Alright, stop, enough of this clapping. Why the hell do you wanna hear two white men rapping?”
  • “David, your career, it’s a huge mistake. It’s like Ross and Rachel, it’s on a break.”
  • “Carpool Karaoke, you think it’s your big thing, but everyone is thinking ‘shut up and let Adele sing’.”
  • “Don’t battle me, ’cause you know it’s not worth it. Everybody knows my rhymes are ‘Pitch Perfect‘.”

All of James’ ‘Friends’ references gave us actual life, tbh and, truthfully, we think he was the real winner on both accounts. Both Anne and David just made low jibes about his weight, whilst James was actually pretty inventive and hilarious. We will always support our fellow Brits and we reckon James’ rhymes were those most mic drop-worthy.

What do you think? Give us a tweet over @maximumpop and tell us who you think had the best rhymes.

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