James Blunt admits his music is annoying..

During an interview with Hello! magazine, James Blunt, everyone’s second favourite guitar strumming troubadour after Ed Sheeran, has apologised for writing his most famous hit single “You’re Beautiful”.

The song appeared as part of the singer’s best selling album, Back to Bedlam, in 2004 and hit the number one spot in ten countries, selling more than four million copies in the process. The single also earned a Grammy nomination and won an Ivor Novello award. However, claiming the track was greatly overplayed, the singer admitted that the song has become annoying and would rather not be associated with it at all.

A Serious Man

Blunt has even gone as far to say that it has damaged his reputation as a musician. According to Blunt, the video for the single painted him as “insanely serious”, boring his fans and hindering his career. This is easily believable. In the video, displaying the best of Britain, Blunt grimaces into the camera and looks miserable throughout while squinting into the rain. Unfortunately for Blunt, what has now become known as ‘British Fashion’ as seen in the collection here from Zalando, is found lacking. Instead the singer wears a frumpy raincoat, over a white t-shirt, all of which he strips off before plunging into the sea.

However, it took him until 2012 to finally take time off to reflect on his “mistakes”, temporarily taking a break in Ibiza to chill out. It wasn’t long before Blunt returned to the music industry with last year’s Moon Landing – an album which sold well despite the apparent disadvantages created by his most famous piece of work.

Whatever your thoughts on the songwriter’s most famous single, it seems that he is clearly looking to reinvent himself for a continued career without the shadow of that song hanging over him. Perhaps his next album will be a complete departure from what we have learned about James Blunt – and we say good luck to him.

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