So how the hell did that James Bay and Justin Bieber duet come about then?

Still in awe of that Justin Bieber and James Ba(e)y collab that we were treated to at the BRITs this week? Still trying to wrap your head around how the whole ruddy thing came together?


Well, it’s a good job that James has been spilling all dat T then, isn’t it?

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsbeat, James revealed: “I met him at four in the morning at an Italian MTV EMA party. He was very good on the pool table, that’s the first thing I noticed.”

Yes? We’re very intrigued…

“He was a lovely guy but I’ve seen him and his manager at other different points along the way and became more and more friendly. They were in a spot for this show where they needed a guitar player and it was kind of a ‘hey do you fancy doing it?'”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Let’s watch it again, shall we?

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