James Arthur’s ‘You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You’ video- 5 Things You Need To Know

When we heard that James Arthur’s new single was called ‘You’re nobody till somebody loves you’ we couldn’t help but assume it’d be a dark, moody song that’d have us crying hysterically into our pillows for a week. So you can only imagine our surprise when we heard it for ourselves, finding we were tapping our feet along to the upbeat pop song with a jazzy twist. If we weren’t surprised enough, the video for the single shocked us even more. Here are 5 things you need to know about the vid:

1The video has an old school 60’s vibe about it, with bunting and people playing in the street with footballs and hula hoops (things teens used in the olden days before the internet came along – how dreadful).

2Despite her being his mentor on The X Factor, James is no Nicole Scherzy when it comes to dance, so you can only imagine our shock when he actually danced a little in the video. Although, there was no microphone swinging involved… that’s a shame.

3The video is set as a street party (another thing people used to do before the days of Google Hangout … crazy, we know). The video shows all the neighbours getting involved and having a dance to Arthur’s new single. How sweet and neighbourly.

James was known on The X Factor for being a bit moody and mysterious, but there’s not a frown in sight from James throughout whole video. It’s a miracle we tell you, a miracle.

5We’re used to seeing James cuddling his guitar on stage like a comfort blanket, but not in this video! Here in the video, James is seen with a cool, jazzy live band. Not a guitar in sight. Has James left his acoustic days behind?

Despite us LOVING his new sound, James told Capital FM that ‘You’re nobody till somebody loves you’ is the only of its kind on the album, saying “The rest of the album is quite diverse”. What do you think of his new sound? Check out the vid for yourself below:

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