James Arthur slams One Direction (apparently). POP BITS.

POP BITS. Apparently James Arthur has gone on an anti-1D rant in a series of private messages exchanged with a Directioner on Twitter. Bad move James, don’t you know they are “part of fandom who could kill you if they wanted to“?

Mr. Arthur got a bit miffed when a Twitter user tweeted (as you do when you are a Twitter user): “one direction are the highest grossing artists around ATM – James is sh*t x”. James apparently replied with a DM featuring more F-bombs than Taylor Swift at the VMAs AND also said “One Direction don’t sell records, they are a marketing product they sell t-shirts and dolls you moron”. We don’t know about you, but we have bought a One Direction record or two (well, more MP3’s as we don’t have a gramophone) as well as the dolls.

James has since denied the claims (despite a screen shoot being posted online) and said “I like the 1D boys a lot they have been very supportive of me.. I merely said they are a huge marketing super power.. Which they are”. We’re not quite sure how to take this. Doesn’t James have a history of a short temper after getting told off for Twitter rants during the X Factor? Looks like he could take Liam’s title of “Pop Star with Most Twitter Outbursts” soon. POP BITS OUT.

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