We had a natter with Jake Quickenden about his new EP and who he’d cast in his music video

You may remember him from ‘The X Factor’ or ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ but get ready to fall in love with him all over again. Jake Quickenden is back with a brand new EP, ‘New Chapter’ and we managed to have a chinwag with him about the music and which famous female he’d cast in one of his music videos (watch out, Zayn!)

If you could ‘blindfold’ a fan and surprise them with anything in the world, what would it be?

I have so many great fans that I couldn’t just pick one but maybe one that lives far away, I could surprise them and fly them over to see me on tour.

We’ve ‘loved you before’ from your time on ‘The X Factor’ – what reason do you think we should love you and your new music?

As it’s all written by me, I am showcasing my songwriting and hopefully people can relate to the songs.

You ‘can’t stand the rain’, but what is your absolute number one pet peeve?

When someone doesn’t thank you when you let them through in your car, and I also hate wind as it messes my quiff up.

You’ve had an argument with a girl and you want to say ‘come back to me’ – what would be the one thing you’d do to try and win her back?

Well whenever I get in trouble at home with my girlfriend I just do something stupid to make her laugh. Laughter is always the way.

If you could have any female celebrity to star in the ‘Touch Me Girl’ music video, who would you choose?

Haha! Erm this could get me in trouble! I would have to say Gigi as I thought her acting ability in Zayn’s Pillowtalk was Oscar-worthy.

If you hadn’t ‘met her on the train’ – what sort of things would you do to keep yourself occupied for a long journey?

Twitter and Facebook. I tend to just watch funny videos and people think I’m a weirdo as I laugh to myself.

If you could describe your new EP using only 3 emojis, what would they be?

🔥 😎 ?🏽?

Speaking of emojis, if you were to design one, what would it look like?

Erm I think Kim Kardashian won that race!

Which lyric from your EP would you say is the best for an Instagram caption?

“I’m alone at night, even when you’re laying right next to me’

How would you describe your new EP in 140 characters?

Singer/songwriter vibe with heartfelt lyrics that showcase writing ability and vocals, catchy tunes that are perfect for a singalong….. Basically it’s pretty sick!

Thanks Jake! Chat soon! 

Jake’s brand new EP ‘New Chapter’ is available on iTunes NOW and tickets for his tour are available right here.  You can also catch Jake on our Snapchat next week! 

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