INTERVIEW: We catch up with Jake Miller before he brings his tour over to Europe

One of the nicest guys in the music world today, Jake Miller managed to squeeze in some time before taking his tour over to Europe next week to answer some of our questions about life on a label, growing as an artist, and most importantly, his favorite food.

After posting videos on YouTube and self-releasing songs, you’ve been signed to Warner Bros. Records. How’s that feel?

I was signed to Warner Bros about a year ago, and as a musician that’s the dream, to be signed to a major label. They’ve helped me in more than I even knew existed; I’ve been able to perform with my favorite artists, I’ve been all over the radio—I hear myself on the radio like everyday. The opportunities like that, my label has definitely helped me with, but I owe it all really to my fans, they’ve really done most of the work.

Do you feel like your style has changed at all since being signed? Are you going to stay true to how you started? Everybody musically progresses and things naturally change, but do you see yourself changing now?

I see my music growing, because as you get older, you change. I see my music maturing a little; I’m learning a lot more about the music industry and how it works, but that doesn’t have to do so much with the fact that I signed the deal, it’s just the fact that I’m around it.

You just spent two months of the summer touring the U.S. What is the best thing about life on tour? Is it hard being away from home for so long?

There’s a few good things, 50% of it being the shows, having fun and seeing the fans—the music is just awesome—and then the other 50% is the fact that I’m traveling with my best friends, and before or after the shows or on days off, we’re just exploring the new cities and doing cool stuff.

Speaking of being away from home, the European leg of your tour starts next week. We’re especially excited about the London show on October 5th. What are you looking forward to most about being over in Europe?

I’m looking forward to being in Europe because I’ve never been over there—I’ve barely even been out of America—so it’ll be something new for me. I actually just went to the bank yesterday and I got some Euros and some pounds. I can’t wait to sight-see, and I can’t wait to see all the fans who I’ve never really seen before.

That’s probably going to be the coolest part, just because in America I’ve toured so many times that the fans, when they see me or when the bus drives by and they’re waiting in line, they’ve seen me before—it’s still exciting, but they’ve seen me before. These kids have never even laid their eyes on me, and I’ve never laid my eyes on them, so it’s going to be very cool and refreshing.

Are you bringing friends along with you for this trip too?

Yep, of course.

You’ve made music alongside some big artists like Travie McCoy and the Ready Set. If you could pick anyone to do a song with right now, who would it be?

Probably Justin Bieber. I think his music is really cool, and he’s a really cool dude. I’ve met him a bunch of times around L.A., and we know each other at this point, and he’s just a really cool dude.

You recently worked with the NOH8 campaign. Does that campaign hold any special meaning to you or your fans?

Yeah, I’m all about spreading positivity and not having anything bad to say about other people, just spreading positivity and not bullying. I have a song called ‘Like Me,’ and it’s basically saying that no matter what other people say about you, just be true to who you are; there’s nobody like you. I also have suicide awareness songs called ‘Steven’ and one called ’Sunshine’ and they’re really just all about, you never know what somebody else is going through, so be nice to everybody. I wanted to get involved with NOH8 because that’s what I’m all about, spreading the positivity and not spreading the hate.

Anything big and exciting coming up for you after you finish in Europe? What will 2016 look like?

I have a few videos coming out for the remaining songs on my new EP called Rumors. I have a video for ‘Yellow Light’ coming out soon, there’s a video for ‘Shake It.’ And when I get back from Europe, I’m going to get back in the studio and start recording some new music.

Now for the rapid-fire round. East coast or west coast?

Ooh, that’s a toughie. My family’s on the east coast, so I’m gonna have to say east coast.

Nike or Adidas?


Twitter or Facebook?


Morning or night person?


Coke or Pepsi?


Cats or dogs?

Definitely dogs.

Summer or winter?


Favorite place on earth?

Ooh, I would say… Chipotle.


Well, my next question was going to be favorite food!

Yeah, it’s Chipotle.

Favorite color?


Jake’s bringing his tour, his inspirational lyrics, and his frequently shirtless self over to Europe next week, stopping in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Amsterdam, London, and Paris. You can check out his website to grab yourself some tickets. We also highly recommend you follow him on Instagram, because, you know, frequently shirtless.

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